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What is it with those ridiculously complicated police test training programs/websites ? Part 2

Last Updated: December 8, 2008

Content quantity is very good for the company, but content quality is what customers are looking for in the end. Be straight to the point, tell the customer, in as little words possible, what your offering is, the benefits of the offering, the price of your prep course, and what materials are included. It should [….]

What is it with those ridiculously complicated police test training programs/websites ? Part 1

Last Updated:

Okay so the other day I was browsing through some online police test preparation websites and it occurred to me that these sites are NOT taking advantage of the wonders that the internet has to offer in terms of programming and application development. I will not disclose which website in particular that had me awestruck [….]

Competition Is Healthy…But Only for Company's That Are Prepared

Last Updated:

Let’s face it. If you are charging a higher price for an inferior product or service, the only way you’ll get a chokehold on the market is if consumers are unaware of the existence of your competitors. Why buy a plastic knife for $10 if you can get a brand new steak knife for $5? [….]

Giving the customer exactly what they want in a police training system.

Last Updated: November 28, 2008

Before developing any sort of software or web-based application, the developers have to carefully ask themselves what the purpose of the app is, who the app is for, and what exactly the end-user needs in the app. There are countless functions that can be included in any given app, but what good is that if [….]

Are You Ready for Police Ready?

Last Updated: November 25, 2008

Step aside boring and dull police test preparation programs, and make way for a revolution. Police Ready is proud to announce it’s long anticipated entrance into the online world. Most companies that offer police test preparation have gotten way too lazy and haven’t looked into the direction of the market. The biggest mistake a company [….]

Is Patience Really a Virtue?

Last Updated:

We all know the saying “Patience is a virtue”, but that completely depends on the context in which it is being used. In such a fast-paced world, people have less time to sit around and wait for things to happen. Instead, they go for the gold themselves, and they take control of their destiny rather [….]

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