National Police Officer Selection Test (National POST)
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National Police Officer Selection Test (National POST)

The National Police Officer Selection Test (N.P.O.S.T.) is a standardized test used by many police services across America.

You should check with your local police service to see if your state or police force uses this test.

The National Police Officer Selection Test (N.P.O.S.T.) is an exam which tests police candidates in the following subject matters:

• Reading Comprehension
• Arithmetic
• Grammar
• Incident Report Writing

We recommend that you also practice the written communication test to improve your report writing skills.

In addition to the N.P.O.S.T. you may be required to write an essay, submit a polygraph exam and fill out an integrity questionnaire.

What NPOST material we offer:

Police Officer Selection Test (POST) Exams and Preparation Material

  • 5 full practice P.O.S.T. exams
  • Detailed solutions and explanations for all questions
  • Performance and historic tracking of exams attempted
  • Timed and live scoring for all exams
  • Preparation material for subject matters

Behavioural Personnel Assessment Device (BPAD) Prep

  • 6 police BPAD Tests Videos with explanations on how to respond
  • 5 coursed based BPAD videos (Solutions available with Premium Edition upgrade)
  • 6 additional police BPAD written Tests with sample correct response from a current Police Officer

Additional Course Material

  • 25 written reports – samples of a how a report can be written
  • 50+ sample physiological test questions
  • Interactive scoring, historical feedback,
  • Interview, Psychological and Fitness Preparation for Police
  • Unlimited 1-Year Access to all features and tests
  • Success Guarantee

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