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How Do Civilians Help Provincial Police Forces?

June 9, 2014

Thousands of provincial police officers head out on duty every single day to protect, preserve and defend both the law and the communities that they serve. It is a very important part of society – without these law enforcement officers, civilized life would be a dream, rather than a guarantee. What is not often known is that for every hard-working man or women in uniform, there is another person behind the scenes who provides assistance, logistical support and advice to these people while they are out in the field. Not everyone can be a police officer, but those who wish to serve their communities in a proactive fashion may find it possible to give back through a civilian career with provincial police forces. In the following article, we’ll outline some of the more important civilian jobs that aid police officers in their day to day tasks.

Data Entry and Information Technology

Each and every time a crime occurs, a record of the instance is recorded. This information has to be meticulously entered and maintained, and this is where individuals with strong data entry skills can be of service. Provincial police departments keep on-hand a number of personnel who are staffed with ensuring that this data is recorded in a prompt and accurate fashion. In addition to this, information technology specialists are also needed, who ensure that all data-related systems are properly maintained and functioning. In the event of a system-wide crash or series of errors, the information technology specialists work to restore access to vital systems.


A variety of transportation needs will arise for provincial officers, many of which fall outside of the traditional to and fro driving that officers must do on a daily basis. One of the biggest needs for this is the transportation of criminals from jails to prisons, or from jails to courtrooms. Well-trained drivers who are equipped to respond to a variety of circumstances are needed, making these civilian jobs very important in the grand scheme of logistics. The security of inmates and those awaiting trial is paramount to a valuable law enforcement system; many transportation personnel play a key role in this process.


When evidence and information is collected at a crime scene, that evidence may need to be further analysed for a proper conviction or acquittal to occur. Provincial police forces have forensic staff on call to ensure that any sensitive or detailed evidence can be thoroughly inspected off-site and in a sterile, secure facility. Those who have studied science or forensics and want to give back to the community may find that a career in criminal forensics is an ideal pathway.

Part-time Employment

Throughout the seasons – particularly in the summer – part time assistance is needed in a variety of areas. For instance, Ontario’s police force offers summer employment and special constable programs for those who can only work a few months throughout the year. In many cases, these jobs are alluring to those who may be serving full-time in the armed services or who are enrolled in school.


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