Becoming a Police Officer
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Becoming a Police Officer

Law enforcement offers people people various career opportunities. Many of these opportunities are made available to candidates who do not have a university or college degree which makes it an attractive career decision for many. However, you should know what you are getting yourself into and understand the demands and responsibilities that accompany the position. Nearly every law enforcement career opportunity however needs its candidates and applicants to follow these guidelines:

  1. Finish at least your high school degree.
    Virtually every law enforcement degree has this minimum requirement. Be sure to have this finished, or its equivalent, or be prepared to find your career in law enforcement come to a grinding halt.
  2. Maintain a good level of physical fitness.
    Physical fitness is one of the major requirements in a career as a law enforcement offier, and staying on top of it early can help ensure you pass the physical requirement tests and qualifications necessary.
  3. Stay out of trouble.
    Having any sort of criminal record can quickly have you finding the end of your career in law enforcement. So stay out of the laws way. Otherwise, say goodbye to your dreams.
  4. Prepare for your tests.
    Preparing for your police entrance examinations will help making sure you pass the tests when the time comes. Police Ready’s preparation program can definitely help with that. Check out our PATIWCT and B-PAD preparation material in our members section!
  5. Know your Reasons.
    Understanding why you want to become a police officer can help you succeed in becoming one. If you are passionate about the position, chances are it will motivate you to reach your goals.
  6. Pass Your Lie Detector & Drug Tests.
    You need to pass this test in order to meet the requirements for many different police agency’s. Don’t be nervous.
  7. Understand your personality.
    Understand yourself by having an interview with a senior officer. You can also take a personality test to assess your own characteristics, such as judgment, integrity and responsibility. Our training membership gives you access to hundreds of such questions to help you become better acquainted with yourself.

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