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What is it with those ridiculously complicated police test training programs/websites ? Part 2

December 8, 2008

Content quantity is very good for the company, but content quality is what customers are looking for in the end. Be straight to the point, tell the customer, in as little words possible, what your offering is, the benefits of the offering, the price of your prep course, and what materials are included. It should be bang bang bang, from start to finish. Pretend the visitor to your site only has 2 minutes to view your site before moving onto the next one. If you have 100 pages of ridiculously dull content, chances are the customer will get scared off and go find another site that is simple, elegant, and to the point, telling them what the course is all about, what the price is, and what’s included. It’s as simple as that. The Police Ready police test preparation course is the epitome of an app that has been built to give the user complete control over a simple and well-structured online training course. The Police Ready system is extremely well organized, and contains nothing but the essential test and preparation materials needed by the end-user. Police Ready also utilizes their website as a quick and easy information kit that gives potential users all that they need to know about the system and nothing more. There’s no mumbo jumbo with this app, and there’s absolutely no text jungle to worry about with Police Ready. So, if you’re interested in an online training course to help you pass your police exams, stay away from the content-filled, disorganized, user-unfriendly training courses that care more about Search Engine Optimization than the quality of the bottom line. The bottom line of course being a training course designed to help customers pass their police tests and help develop their careers quickly, carefully, and with simplicity.

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