JIBC – Justice Institute of Bristish Columbia Test (British Columbia)
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JIBC – Justice Institute of Bristish Columbia Test (British Columbia)

The JIBC written examination is designed specifically to test memory capability, English language skills, logical reasoning, and mathematical abilities. The JIBC test is divided into three Books. All three books must be completed at one time. The only material that can be used is paper and pencil. Book 2 is based on memorization questions from Book 1.

Book 1 – 5 Minutes

Book 2 – 79 Questions – 1 hour

Book 3 – 79 Questions – 1 Hour

The exam has the following format:

– 10 Memory questions
– 50 Spelling questions
– 6 Comprehension questions
– 6 Logic questions
– 20 Math questions
– 20 Grammar questions
– 15 Problem Solving questions
– 25 Vocabulary questions
– 6 Reasoning questions (Essay questions on the actual exam)

Total: 182 Marks (152 Multiple Choice, 30 marks for essay questions)

There are currently 5 full practice JIBC tests and 5 full practice Vancouver tests included in the Police Ready Membership. Each questions includes complete detailed answers and solutions, interactive scoring, and historical feedback.

What JIBC material we offer:

JIBC Exams and Preparation Material

  • 5 full-length JIBC Practice Exams
  • Detailed solutions and explanations for all questions
  • Performance and historic tracking of exams attempted
  • Timed and live scoring for all exams
  • Preparation material for all subject matters in the JIBC exam

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