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Giving the customer exactly what they want in a police training system.

November 28, 2008

Before developing any sort of software or web-based application, the developers have to carefully ask themselves what the purpose of the app is, who the app is for, and what exactly the end-user needs in the app. There are countless functions that can be included in any given app, but what good is that if the customer doesn’t really need it? It’s no good at all, it’s quite bad actually. In my experience as a marketing professional and designer, I now understand that the more isn’t marrier when it comes to designing effective applications. On the contrary, less is actually best. Unlike other products that are always developed or produced to be one-step ahead of the competition, web-based applications are actually a lot more effective if they are one-step behind competition. Why? because the less you have, then the less likely you are to confuse the users of your application, and the more likely it will be that you are simplifying the usability of the app. My colleagues and I have been developing the Police Ready system for some time now, and one theme has reoccurred time and time again; Simplicity. Simplicity. Simplicity. Below are just a few of the many simplified features that make up the Police Ready system:

  • simple navigation
  • simple yet relevant and comprehensive content
  • simple, professionally prepared training materials
  • simple structural layout of our website and our application GUI (the Police Ready system)
  • simple and elegant page layouts
  • simple learning and teaching materials
  • simple wording of content (no professional lingo to make us look good and to make our users feel inferior or dumb)
  • simple functions that allow users to know what is where, and functions that can be easily accessed at any given time while using the system.
  • simple and quick solutions to help our users embark on and succeed in their futures as Police officers

We dare you to try out our system and prove us wrong! You can test drive our system absolutely free by signing up for a free PATI test. Just visit to sign up.

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