RPAT– Royal Police Aptitude Test (National)
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RPAT– Royal Police Aptitude Test (National)

The aptitude exam that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police uses to access potential applicants is called the RPAT.

The RPAT is a written test designed to measure an applicant’s potential aptitude for policing based on their Composition (Spelling, Grammar, and Vocabulary), Comprehension, Memory, Judgment, Observation, Logic, and Computation.

The RPAT exam is divided into 3 books. The only material that is permitted during examination is paper and pencil. The test is divided as follows:

Book 1 – There are no questions in this first book. You will be given 5 minutes to memorize the pictorial and textual material in this book. The material will include memorizing 4 criminal profiles and 6 vehicle descriptions.

Book 2 – The second book will test your English Composition (Spelling, Grammar, and Vocabulary) and English Comprehension skills. You will be required to answer 44 questions within 30 minutes. The questions will consist of 39 Composition Questions which includes 10 spelling questions, 10 grammar questions, and 19 vocabulary questions. There will also be 2 short passages consisting of 5 accompanying questions to test your English Comprehension skill.

Book 3 – The third book contains 70 questions in total which includes 6 English Comprehension questions (based on 2 short passages), 9 Memory questions (based on the information from Book 1), 15 Judgment questions, 10 Observation questions, 20 Logic questions, and 10 Computation questions. You will have 2 hours to complete the 70 questions in this book.

If you fail the RPAT, you must wait at least one year from your last test date to be eligible to rewrite the RPAT exam.

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