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Civilian Career Opportunities with the RCMP

May 12, 2014

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is an elite division and the federal arm of Canadian law enforcement. Each year, thousands of individuals apply and begin training for admission into this branch of law enforcement, with the hopes that they will be accepted and can ultimately make a career out of serving and protecting. Believe it or not, there are also ways in which you can serve with the RCMP without having to undergo the same rigorous training and evaluations that police officers do. These civilian positions are just as important and help assist those in the field when it comes to doing their jobs safely and adequately. If you recently failed one of the exams or otherwise cannot become a full-fledged officer (but still want to give back to your community), then continue reading to find out more.

Air Service Personnel

RCMP maintains an air service division that contains a fleet of more than three dozen operational aircraft and employs more than 100 individuals across the nation. These individuals are responsible for leadership, policy and other forms of operation for the air division, and ensure that a safe and reliable air transportation service is available to RCMP members. There are a variety of reasons why RCMP officers need to be transported from one location to another in a rapid fashion, and air service personnel see to it that the job gets done. Common employees in the RCMP air service include pilots, aircraft engineers and flight coordinators. There are also procurement specialists, record keepers and support staff who ensure a smooth operation of this division.

Engineering Personnel

The RCMP has plenty of equipment and divisions that must be maintained and protected in order to ensure the integrity of the organization. Engineering personnel can be tasked with any number of responsibilities, including the research and development of armor systems and automotive applications, the repair of armored vehicles and flight equipment, the training and assistance of drivers and other operators of such equipment, and other miscellaneous tasks.

Human Resources

Within the RCMP, there is plenty of need for individuals with backgrounds in human resources and office management. Some of the tasks performed by these people include data entry, record keeping, client training and employee evaluations, as well as a variety of analysis and reports to help each aspect of the RCMP operate at peak efficiency. These individuals can help maintain a professional and equitable environment between all RCMP personnel and ensure that any disputes or disruptions are handled in a professional and satisfactory fashion.

Human resources, air service personnel and engineering personnel are just a few of the various roles and departments that the RCMP offers to civilians who are seeking a career in the field of law enforcement. Not everyone is cut out to be a police officer – not to mention that not everyone wants to be one – but there is a way that virtually everyone can serve their community and ensure that the rule of law is maintained in their neighborhoods, provinces and throughout the country.

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