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Types of Investigations Handled by Provincial Police

June 16, 2014

It is the job of provincial police to serve and protect the residents of their jurisdictions, ensuring that law and order remains upheld and protected throughout countless communities across Canada. While we may be used to seeing provincial police performing everyday operations such as traffic stops and responding to domestic situations, there are a plethora of other areas in which provincial officers can be of service. Plenty of investigative operations also occur under the umbrella of provincial police, making this aspect of law enforcement one of the most important auxiliary functions of the police force. In the following article, we’ll describe the types of investigations you may be tasked with if you plan to join the ranks of these officers in the near future.

Criminal Investigations

For the most part, provincial police investigations will revolve around simple investigations of crimes that occur on a daily basis. From domestic disputes to robberies and assaults, it is the job of provincial police to document the stories of those involved, collect evidence that dictates what happened and ultimately, provide prosecutors with the information they need to determine whether or not a valid case or complaint exists. Provincial police also work with other organizations in some cases, such as the Coroner’s office, to determine cause of death and other important aspects that may affect the apprehension and prosecution of criminals.

Child Sexual Investigations

Provincial police takes the issue of child sexual crimes and trafficking very seriously, and most departments have their very own division that handles crimes of this nature. Individuals tasked with this responsibility will work in investigations that pertain to child abuse, child trafficking and distribution of child pornography within their jurisdictions. In areas where such a department doesn’t exist, child sexual investigators from another municipality may be brought in to aid local authorities in the apprehension of these criminals. Some provincial officers will also be required to train new recruits on the dynamics of this type of investigation, to ensure proper protocols are followed and that departments are adequately staffed with those who can handle these cases.

Organized Crime Investigations

Various forms of organized crime exist in the world, and provincial police officers will occasionally need to intervene in areas where it has grown out of control and has resulted in harm to the general populace. Any sort of criminal activity that pertains to conspiracy or collusion can be considered organized crime, but this often pertains to subjects such as credit card/identity theft rings, money laundering and the drug trade. A variety of other crimes, such as illegal gambling, biker enforcement and weapons trades, are also included in this.

Racketeering Investigations

Provincial police take the notion of racketeering seriously, as the prevalence of such activity can create the conditions for multiple violations of law and order throughout a given area. Ontario, for instance, has an Anti-Racketeering Branch that ensures investigations into finances and other activity by suspected criminal organizations are conducted in a thorough fashion. Health fraud and money laundering may also be investigated by these special departments.

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