Women in the Royal Canadian Police
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Women in the Royal Canadian Police

I’ve seen and heard some criticism of how the Royal Canadian Police treats its female officers in the past.

Accusations have been made that women are treated unfairly compared to their male counterparts. My view and that of the majority of my colleagues is that a woman doing the same job as a man should get equal pay and equal treatment. I hope and believe that things are changing for the better.

My view counts for little so I chatted with one of my female colleagues. She told me: “This is an amazing job. I don’t feel I am treated any differently to anyone else, male or female.” Of course this is the view of just one person, but I genuinely feel my other female colleagues feel the same way.

Of course it was only in 1974 that females were allowed to apply for full duties in the Royal Canadian Police and 1981 when the first women served in the musical ride. Eventually at the end of 2006 we had the first female interim Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Police .

We can point to many major posts around the world that are still dominated by men. I think the police services are on the right track. Ladies interested in applying should talk to female officers and get their view. I know in my city all genders and races are encouraged to apply. If you are good enough and pass the examinations, nothing else matters.

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