Mountie Aptitude Test
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Mountie Aptitude Test

Do you remember I mentioned the Mountie aptitude exams (RPAT) and how there were three books? I hope so because if you have forgotten that already, you won’t get past book one.

The memory test of the RPAT exam…remember it now?
Anyway enough of the sarcasm let me tell you more about the books.

Book one of the RPAT exam as we know requires memorizing the criminal profiles and vehicles. Hold that thought as we return to this in book three.

Book two of the RPAT exam tests your English composition and comprehension.

Of course this is so much easier when we use our computers to write e-mails, blogs and letters. However, there is no hiding place here and certainly no cheating with spell checks. Paper and pencil allowed only folks. So you get tested on spelling, grammar and vocabulary.

I also remember we had to read a couple of passages and answer questions to test our comprehension.

We had 30 minutes to complete the questions.
So to book three of the RPAT exam.

THE RPAT exam was a two hour exam testing:

• Logic
• Judgement
• English comprehension (again!)
• Computation
• Observation
• Memory – yes it is back to book one and how well you remembered those crooks and cars.

There are 70 questions in the third book so it is pretty thorough.

Make sure you concentrate hard because if you screw up first time there is no way of retaking the exam until 12 months later. Good luck!

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