Keep Your Documentation Handy
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Keep Your Documentation Handy

If you are like me and a little untidy around the house it is a good idea to dig these things out well in advance so you don’t have a last minute panic. I speak from experience. I was sure my birth certificate was in the bedroom drawer, but no someone (not me surely) had moved it to the kitchen. I found this out an hour before I needed it.

Some of you may have looked at this little list and thought to yourselves I don’t have all these things or they aren’t terribly relevant. Well if for example you were not born in Canada you might be concerned that your birthplace precludes you from applying for the police. Not so. However, you will need to have documentary evidence of you Canadian citizenship.

It is also possible that you may have a restricted driver’s licence. This is ok up to a point as you can still apply to join the police. However, you will need to obtain an unrestricted one before hiring. The important thing is to be organized and have what you need ready. Don’t get in a frenzy like me.

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