Dreaming of Boats
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Dreaming of Boats

When I was a kid my family used to go on sailing holidays during the summer. I love the water and my folks made sure I could swim at an early age and paddle a canoe shortly after. So when my oldest pal in the service rang me the other day to say he was operating marine craft I could barely contain my jealousy. I won’t repeat verbatim what I called him but it was something along the lines of you lucky boy.

I don’t feel so bad because I am very happy and lucky to be patrolling on a decent motorcycle. I don’t look quite as cool as Steve McQueen in the Great Escape or even Arnie in Terminator 2. Nor should I. It does a great job for me though and helps me do my job. However, a boat is what I dream of patrolling in sometime in the near future.

My pal isn’t using one of the fantastic high speed catamarans used by the Police. He tells me that it’s a neat rigid-hulled inflatable boat. Cars and bikes excite many officers. Boats are my thing. Even if I get assigned a patrol canoe I will be a happy man, so long as I get some water to paddle along too!

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