Do Police Candidates Need a Medical Exam?
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Do Police Candidates Need a Medical Exam?

I guess a lot of jobs these days call for candidates and employees to have a medical examination.

I bet few are quite as thorough as the police test. My recollection is this falls in to three stages:

Many of us dread going to the dentist, but that was the first port of call for me. After a few x-rays and an examination of my teeth, my dentist gave me the all clear. That’s one job I would hate to do. Halitosis and rotting teeth never quite did it for me.
The next part was a long multiple choice questionnaire. A colleague of mine reminded me this was in excess of 500 questions, so there is no stone left unturned. This was more psychology based to analyse your state of mind. I got through it with no fuss so I guess I am not even a borderline psycho!

Finally off to see the doctors. Well this is a truly thorough physical exam. Blood and urine samples were taken. Throw in the odd chest x-ray, ECG, hearing and eyesight test and I think we were done after just over an hour. Seemingly my cholesterol was fine, so too my liver with no traces of alcohol in my blood. All in all it was reassuring to find I had a clean bill of health.

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