The Psychology of the Test – The B-PAD Test
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The Psychology of the Test – The B-PAD Test

This one particular test, the B-PAD test is short for Behavioural Personnel Assessment Device and isn’t as intimidating as it sounds. As far as a police psychological test goes, this one, although conducted while you watch video simulations, is fairly easy to pass. The B-PAD test may only be taken if you have successfully passed the PATI, PREP and WCT tests. With help from us online at Police Ready you will definitely pass this police psychological test.

Here is how the B-PAD test works. The exam is conducted while you watch several video simulations of situations cops face every day. This part of the police psychological test only takes about 20 minutes. Once the B-PAD test video is completed, you respond verbally as to how you would handle the situation. A camera will record your answers to the police psychological test for assessment later.

You do not have to have any knowledge of police procedures for the B-PAD test, and this police psychological exam is not graded as if you do know procedures. The only thing you must do to pass the B-PAD test is respond like you were actually speaking with the people in the video. That might throw you at first, but as you relax and get into taking the police psychological test it gets easier to respond.

The B-PAD test is designed to provide the examiners with a way to measure how you will react to scenarios police officers handle every day. In terms of a police psychological test, this one is quite accurate and will let the examiners know how you deal with people in the community on the job. Learning how to take this police psychological test will stand you in good stead before you get into the room with the video. If you turn in a good score on the B-PAD test, your results remain valid for three years.

The B-PAD test results tell the examiners if you are able to effectively work with others in the community with respect and integrity. It takes the full measure of your people skills and how you apply common sense. This police psychological test is focused on your innate skills, and the results of the B-PAD test will be a good indicator of how well you may do on the streets. This is actually an interesting police psychological test in that the B-PAD test is recognized as being able to pick up on skills that aren’t measured in the usual manner. This police psychological test is a crucial tool used to help you succeed in becoming a cop

Every recruit in the Ontario police program is required to take the B-PAD test. While it might sound like it will bite you in the butt, it won’t. As police psychological tests go, this one is actually fun if you relax and go with the flow. Don’t fake the answers on the B-PAD test. Be yourself and respond with honesty. This approach to handling the police psychological test will assist you in getting good marks.

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