The B-PAD – Psychologically Speaking
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The B-PAD – Psychologically Speaking

The B-PAD test (police psychological test) works by assuming that future behavior is observed behavior under similar circumstances. Police candidates watch simulations on a TV monitor and respond verbally to the B-PAD test. The responses to the B-PAD test are then videotaped and scored.

This police psychological test measures whether the potential police recruit is able to work effectively with people. The B-PAD test video assesses a recruit’s common sense judgment and overall people skills. The police psychological test is not testing for job knowledge or personality. The B-PAD test looks for interpersonal skills and the ability to handle people with integrity and respect etc.

The interesting thing about the B-PAD test is that it reports on behavioral abilities and skills that aren’t measured in the usual manner by a police psychological test. The police psychological test is an important resource on the road to becoming a cop. Every potential recruit needs to take the B-PAD test.

Police Ready ( has many online resources to assist you in becoming a police officer, and offers simulated police psychological tests including the B-PAD test. Access to the Police Ready site offers you over 50 police psychological test questions and at least eleven videos and 6 B-PAD test written exams.

You may take the police psychological test as many times as you want, and will find complete answers and solutions are provided to both the B-PAD test and the police psychological test. Police Ready knows what you will need to reach your goals and provides a full spectrum of services, including the B-PAD test to potential police recruits.

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