How You Think on the Pati Test is Important
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How You Think on the PATI Test is Important

Getting into police training in Ontario is dependent on passing the PATI test. While it might give you pause for thought, try taking the free PATI test located on the Police Ready website ( and you will have a pretty good idea what the actual PATI test is about. The chance to take the free PATI test will tell you what areas you need to improve on, tweak or have no problems with. That’s one of the biggest advantages of the free PATI test.

You can’t find better pre-police training than by joining the Police Ready site, taking a tour and finding out what you need to know about the tests (and taking the free PATI test while onsite.) It’s a test that will give you good insight into how you think. If you do take the free PATI test and don’t do well, don’t worry about it. Once you’re onboard with Police Ready, you can develop your analytical skills through additional practice.

We know what information you need to get through the tests, because we’ve taken the PATI test and the free PATI test. We know what you’re facing. We’re dedicated to making your goal of being a cop a reality. We’ve accomplished this by designing the free PATI test to show you how it works and demystify the process. Taking the free PATI test will help you become familiar with what Ontario police services are looking for among potential Ontario police recruits.

Not doing well on the free PATI test doesn’t mean you can’t take it again until you understand how it works. It’s a valuable tool that will prepare you for the real 90 minute timed pati test. Spend time with the free PATI test and study it closely, it will give you some valuable insights into your own personality.

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