Get Police Prep for Your PATI and WCT Test
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Get Police Prep for Your PATI and WCT Test

You know you want to be a police officer, and maybe you have known this since you were a child. However you also know you need police prep material to make a good showing on the PATI and WCT test. This is where the Police Ready site comes into play. We offer you all the police prep material you could possibly need to pass the PATI and the WCT test.

The key to success on any exam we offer is the police prep material we have available for you to study. Study the right way and you will do well on your WCT test. It’s funny, but a lot of people think that a written communication test (WCT test) would be easy, like stealing home plate. Well it is like stealing home plate so long as you use the police prep material to find out what you need to do.

Here are a few secrets we offer you in the police prep material dealing with the WCT test. Point number one is if you are going to do a good job on the WCT test, for heaven’s sake make sure you know how to spell things properly. Our police prep material tells you this and we aren’t kidding. Do not spell things out phonetically either, know the right words to use on the WCT test and spell them correctly.

Other information in the police prep material about the WCT test is to make sure your grammar makes sense and doesn’t look like a Grade Two student wrote it. If you have problems with grammar, then crack the police prep material and bone up on how to write properly. The WCT test isn’t difficult, but it does require that your handwriting be legible. Handing in a WCT test that no one is able to read won’t look good. So, once again, make sure you use your police prep material to find out what you need to do, and how to do it the right way.

Be prepared to know how to write a report on the WCT test, as it challenges you to take unrelated facts and make sense of them and draw conclusions about what is going on in the information you read. Make sure it’s logical, clearly presented and makes sense. The WCT test is a measure of your communication skills, so make sure you do it properly.

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