Figuring it out with the BPAD
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Figuring it out with the BPAD

The BPAD is one of the tests a potential police recruit in the province of Ontario is required to take. It focuses on a candidate’s behavior through role-playing. The BPAD is not a written test, but one where candidates watch a simulation on a monitor, then respond with how they would deal with the situation. The BPAD is different than oral interviews that ask the candidate to say what they would do in a certain situation. To take a practice BPAD, visit the Police Ready site at

Role playing is a part of the BPAD and shows the skills of the candidates in actual situations. BPAD scenes are standardized and cover a wide range of situations a cop will encounter. The BPAD showcases the recruit’s abilities to handle these diverse scenarios. You’ll find 6 police BPAD exams on the Police Ready website.

Taking the BPAD isn’t difficult, as the candidate watches a TV monitor. While the BPAD is underway, a camera records all the responses. Prior to beginning the BPAD, candidates will receive written and verbal instructions. There are 8 scenarios in the BPAD about two minutes in length.

Another integral part of police training is police syllogisms and you will find these on the Police Ready site as well. Police syllogisms are a form of deductive reasoning, an important part of being a cop. Police syllogisms include a major and minor premise with a conclusion. Often the conclusion of a police syllogism is called the deduction.

To understand a police syllogism, candidates study teaching material provided by the Police Ready website. There are hundreds of police syllogisms drawn on to teach deductive reasoning. For instance one possible police syllogism may be “All cops are mortal. I am a cop and therefore I am mortal.”

The major premise in this police syllogism is “All cops are mortal.” The minor premise is next in this police syllogism and is “I am a cop.” And the conclusion or deduction to be arrived at in figuring out this police syllogism is that ” therefore I am mortal.”

Our BPAD Material

Behavioural Personnel Assessment Device (BPAD) Prep

  • 5 full-length BPAD 3-step Practice Video Exams
  • 3-Step Exams include:
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    • One video with possible incorrect responses that may be said
  • 6 additional police BPAD Tests Videos with explanations on how to response
  • 6 additional police BPAD written Tests with sample correct response from a current Police Officer

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