And the Police Syllogisms Say
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And the Police Syllogisms Say

Doesn’t that just annoy the heck out of you, choosing a new career path and then finding out it has all sorts of new words, concepts and abbreviations. You’d think it would be enough to just have to take the police psychological test, right? Well, in all seriousness, police syllogisms aren’t that tough to handle, they just sound like they might be. Police syllogisms are actually fairly easy to figure out if you just take the time with them. On the other hand, the police psychological test is a bit tougher, but nothing you won’t be able to manage.

When it comes to police syllogisms, all you need to remember is that they are in three parts, sort of like a three part harmony. Police syllogisms have a major and minor premise and then a conclusion. Guess who comes up with the conclusion? Right, the conclusion to the police syllogisms on your exam is up to you to figure out.

Don’t worry, if you’re a member of our online police portal community at Police Ready, we have every thing you need to know about police syllogisms, from soup to nuts. Practice them to your heart’s content, try some of the police syllogisms out on the other members you meet online, and maybe even try and make up a few of your own police syllogisms.

The more you work with police syllogisms, the easier they are to unravel. And when you are facing a timed PATI test you want to know that the police syllogisms section is one you can handle with expertise. Speaking of timed tests, when you complete the police syllogisms section, double back later to check it out, but don’t spend too much time doing that. Once you have your answers to the police syllogisms section, you should feel confident that they are correct.

Studying for the police psychological test is a little different, as the police psychological test is a measure of your common sense skills and abilities to deal with the people you will serve when you are on the force. You don’t need any police procedure knowledge to take the police psychological test, and all you have to do is just answer the “scenarios” honestly.

Here is how it works. For the police psychological test, you are placed in front of a video to watch about 20 minutes of videos that involve various situations real cops cope with on the job every day. So far, so good right? The next thing this police psychological test asks you to do is to verbally respond at the end of each scenario, meaning tell the examiners what you would do to handle the situation. This particular police psychological test isn’t testing your personality. It wants to see how you handle different situations.

For this particular police psychological test, a camera is set up next to the monitor and records the answers. Don’t pay any attention to it and just focus on responding to the scenarios you see in this police psychological test. Once you focus on what you see and start thinking about how to handle the situations you are presented with, taking the police psychological test gets easier. Results of the police psychological test tell the examiners how you will behave on the streets.

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