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Why should I register for Police Ready instead of other police test preparation services?

Police Ready team consist of current Police Officers, Police Foundations instructors and training specialists. All our content and exams have been reviewed by these professionals. Our easy to use software, allows you to time yourself in the exams, measure your performance, and understand your strengths and weaknesses. We believe in our product, that  why we offer better price then any of our competitors with a money-back guarantee.


What is included in the registration?

Our current package offers a wide range of full-length practice exams for the following:

  • PATI (Ontario)
  • Peel Region Exams (Ontario)
  • RPAT (All of Canada)
  • JIBC, Wonderlic and  Vancouver (British Columbia)
  • WCT
  • BPAD (Written & Video simulations)
  • SIGMA (Saskatewan)
  • Manitoba Police Exams

In addition, we provide assistance to prepare you in the following areas:

  • Interview Preparation
  • Psychological Testing Preparation
  • Interview Preparation
  • Fitness Test Preparation
  • Basic Math and  English Resources and Teaching Material


Are there any free sample questions that I can complete before deciding to register?

YES. We encourage you to complete our sample tests to experience our program. Simply enter your email address into our subscription box, and you will immediately receive access to our free sample police prep test in your inbox.


How long do I have access to the Police Ready system?

Our memberships are valid for up to twelve months from the date of registration.


What are the options for available methods of payment?

We currently allow for payment through MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and PayPal.


Are there any hidden costs or recurring fees upon registration?

NO. There are absolutely no hidden costs or recurring fees upon registration.


I have registered for a Police Ready membership, but I don’t know where to login to the training program.

There are two ways to login to the Police Training program. You may click on the Members Login button at the top right corner of the Police Ready website or you may directly visit the login page on your Internet browser.


I am trying to access the Police Ready training program but the system shows an error message “Error. Wrong username or password!“. What should I do?

You are seeing this error message because you have entered an incorrect username or password. The email address that you have used to register for your Police Ready membership will be your account username. When you first registered for your Police Ready membership, you will automatically receive (usually within a few seconds) a randomly generated password that will be sent to your email. The randomly generated password should look something like BAUcQaVZ1a. The Police Ready login system is case-sensitive, so make sure you enter the password in the correct letter cases or simply copy and paste the password. Once you have successfully logged into the Police Ready training program, you may click on the My Account button in the main menu and the My Information button in the lower menu to change your password to something that you can remember.


Police Ready

Does Police Ready provide anything other than practice tests?

YES. Police Ready offers assistance on the physical testing component, the interview process, building your resume, and the psychological evaluation.


How many questions does each test have?

The testing structure can vary depending on the police test you wish to complete. A brief overview of the tests that are included in the Police Ready program is available on our About the Exams page. You may also register for a free trial account to view the testing structure within our system.


Is the program directed by someone with qualified experience in policing?

Yes. Police Ready has been specifically developed with the assistance of law enforcement professionals and Police Foundations professors.


Can I contact anyone if I have specific questions not covered by the site or if there is something that I am confused about?

Yes. We are here to assist you in any way possible. Simply visit the forum to see if one of our representatives has already answered a question that you might have. Still not sure? Contact us.


Can I contact other Police Ready members for assistance?

YES. Our Police Ready portal allows you to message other members through our system. We encourage our members to contact other members to provide mutual assistance to each other when preparing for the police exam.


What type of technology is necessary to take the Police Ready program?

Basic technical requirements to access the Police Ready program includes access to the Internet and an installed version of an Internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox. Please ensure there is no delay or disruptions with your Internet access while running the Police Ready program which may result in an inaccurate timing during your test performance.


Additional Questions

Are the tests available in other languages?

No. All tests available at this point are in English. Translation of our prep materials to other languages will be considered if we feel it is necessary to meet these demands.


Can I print the test materials?

At this point, we are in the process of putting together a printable e-test booklet as an alternative police preparation resource for our registered Police Ready members.


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