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Duties of a Police Officer Explained

October 1, 2013

A person may have admired to be a police officer for long but just like every other citizen, he or she wonders what the duties of a police officer are, and what they are expected to do in every given day. The main duties as many of us would explain them are to serve and protect. If at all you want to join the police force however, you will need to know that there is more to it than the two mentioned activities.

An officer’s day is always planned and every hour has to be factored in the plans. There are patrols to be made where the officers are supposed to go round checking various things in the area that they have been allocated to. They have to be very keen when in areas near banks, parking lots, stores and other areas. Apart from patrols, an officer may be allocated to protect different people, for instance those who are under threat and the prominent personalities when they are out with the public.

It Not Always On the Streets

There are areas of service where a police officer never steps out of the compound. Take for instance those who are posted to secure penitentiaries. While on duty, they are supposed to be within the perimeters of the institution where they have to be on high alert because some criminals are very dangerous and can cause problems injuring fellow inmates or officers. The transportation of the convicted people from the courtrooms to the penitentiaries is never a safe job too. One can imagine how tough it is to be given the mandate to keep an eye on rowdy people until it is safe to let them mingle with other citizens.

What You Need To Be a Police Officer

To be accepted into the police force you need a high school diploma, and you will have an added advantage if you have college certification. You will then have to undergo police training in a police academy for around 15 weeks, but depending on the position you are targeting you may be required to be in training for a little bit longer. This career requires a lot of dedication because even the remuneration that the officers get cannot pay the service that they offer to the community. You will have to give your all when you are on duty in this noble job.

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