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Recruitment and Selection in Police Departments

June 2, 2013

Recruitment and Selection is the process made out of four steps by which a organization defines, attract, interviews and selects an employee. Police departments are no different than any other business or organization when it comes to these steps.
Like any organization, to find talent, you go through the following steps:

  • Define; is the first step of the entire process. It is basically determining what kind of an person an organization is looking for. Also, what would his skills and capabilities be? In order to come up with a final demand, requirements of the job need to be carefully analyzed.
  • Attract; second step where the organization needs to come up with an idea who to communicate in order to spread the word about the job opening. There are numerous opportunities; such as an external or an internal way of attracting. In addition there is always an option of outsourcing. Having a good rep for a good culture is important to attracting talent.
  • Interview; the third step where a organization needs to perform prior actions in order to do this one right. A certain selection criteria needs to be set according to the job requirements mentioned in the first step. This action is necessary in order to find the proper candidate and to lower down the amount of turnover. Furthermore, tools that will be used during the interview need to be prepared on time, as well as specific guidelines that an interviewer will follow during the entire process.
  • Selection; a final stage of the process that holds a discussion among all of members who have the right to vote which candidate is right. At this point candidates’ references are checked and the potential employee receives a realist of job previews.

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