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On-the-job-training as a Police Officer

May 21, 2013

On the job training or simply stated OJT is the process by which an employee learns the skills and competencies that are necessary in order for him to perform properly. Every job task demands a specific set of abilities and if the individual wants to satisfy a current demand of the market, he needs to have them. The main characteristic of the on-the job training is that it uses available resources, such as existing tools within the organization or equipment and machines in order to increase one’s productivity.

OTJ is usually performed by a peer and a coworker. The process could be eased up by using training software; however it is important to state that it occurs within a regular working environment. It could perform while the individual is doing his everyday work or it can take place outside the working time in a special training session. During your career in the police force, you will be doing on the job training to improve yourself.

The main goal of the on job training is to teach employees basic competencies and skills that are necessary for him to know. However, it is also important to mention that it can instill major aspects of the environment and culture of the workplace. It also sets the expectations for a specific employee. The entire process of the on job training is very often used to send onboarding information that a new employee within a specific company should know.


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