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Major trends for training in 2013

May 19, 2013

The fact is that due to the numerous information available, employees nowadays known more about various possibilities for personal as well as professional development, then they did a couple of years ago. In addition, globalization has a fair amount of impact on the entire progress. Here are some of the major trends that are reaching a completely new level in 2013. These trends can be seen in businesses, organizations, and government organizations such as Police departments.

  •  Loyalty. Due to the high amount of turnover within various companies, organizations will try to establish a higher level of loyalty with their employees throughout the training sessions. By developing them as individuals, their relationship will also become stronger as a result of a long term investment.
  • Leadership programs. Due to the process of globalization, competitiveness on the market is constantly increasing and therefore companies have to invest in their employees in order for them to come up with ideas that will make the entire organization stand out.
  • Online learning. Class courses are being completely replaced with online lectures. It has been proved that employees are accepting the change in a positive way since this type of a lecture is more convenient for everyone.
  • Basic skills out. Due to the low budget, companies are going to neglect the training in basic skills of employees, assuming that they are already qualified in those areas. Rather they will invest in employee communication and creativity in order to increase their productivity.

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