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What to Expect at the Police Academy

October 14, 2012

In order to ensure that police officers are well trained and have obtained the necessary knowledge, candidates are required to attend a police academy. Different areas have different police academy requirements because of different rules and regulations, but for the most part you will receive similar training at all of them.

Following Rules

Attending a police academy is similar to military boot camp, in that you will be held to high standards and strict rules. Police academies usually last between six to eight months and you are required to live on campus while attending. During your attendance at the police academy, you will be held to a strict schedule where you will train with, study with and trust other cadets.


Most police academies require you to be awake and ready to train by 5 a.m. and the lights are turned out at 10 p.m. sharp. At the police academy you will have strict uniform and grooming requirements. Your attitude and behavior will also be held to high standards and will also be a reflection upon the whole academy.


Training Your Mind and Body

When you first arrive at the police academy, you will be subject to another physical fitness test. This test is to show the instructors the areas in which you need the most training. Do not worry if you fail this fitness test, as history has shown that only a third of the cadets usually pass it on the first attempt. The best thing that you can do is not give up and to make sure that you always make an effort to complete the activities.


As a police academy cadet, you will also spend the bulk of your time in the classroom learning about the laws. Some police academies have also started teaching foreign language classes and classes on ethics.


Learning New Skills

The police academy will also be where you learn about firearms and operating emergency vehicles. The police academy instructors will teach you how and when to use multiple types of firearms. You will learn how to properly handle, clean and the inner workings of the firearms, but most importantly, the instructors will make sure that you have an excellent aim.


The emergency vehicle operations course is taught to make sure that you are well prepared for high-speed police chases. During this course you will learn how to operate emergency vehicles on all terrain and weather conditions. You will learn how to avoid crashes, how to multitask safely, maneuver through traffic and control your vehicle.


Working Well with Others

Being a police officer requires you to trust those that you work with and to be able to work well with your coworkers, your superiors and the public. At the police academy you will be with the same group of people the entire time and during this time you will learn to work as a team and to trust one another. The police academy will also make sure that you are prepared to always mind your manners in public, especially when in uniform, as it is your responsibility to always keep the feelings and safety of others in your mind at all times.

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