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September 21, 2012


The police oral board interview is conducted with trained investigators, which means that the interviewers are trained at interrogating individuals to find out information that they want and need to know. Interviewing in front of a regular interview panel can be stressful, but interviewing in front of the panel for the police oral board is alarmingly stressful, as they will be looking through all of your background information and looking for any possible reason to disqualify you. The following tips and strategies will help you prepare for your police oral board interview and help alleviate your stress.


Dress Professionally

Police departments have a military-like structure, which means that they are strict when it comes to uniformity and precision. The military always have a neat and precise appearance with pressed uniforms, precisely placed accessories and clean, well-groomed hair and nails. Thus, making it ultimately important that you take the time to dress professionally for the police oral board interview.

It is highly recommended that you wear a business suit to your interview, but you should definitely at least wear dress pants or a skirt and a dress shirt. It is vital that what ever you decide to wear is well pressed and clean. It is also necessary that your shoes are clean and well polished. By taking the time to present yourself well, you will be showing the interview panel that you have put forth an effort and are serious about wanting a position on their police force.


Act Professionally

Acting professionally for the police oral board interview starts before you actually enter the interview room. It starts when you first applied to the police department, as you need to be sure that all statements that were made on your application and resume are accurate and complete. You should also be aware of information that you are posting on social networks such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. Law enforcement officers may discover the information that has been posted and they could also discover whom you are connected to or friends with, so make sure that the people that are in your social network are respectable.

When you walk in to the interview room, be sure that you walk in making eye contact, standing straight and smiling. Doing this along with firm handshakes will tell the interviewers that you are confidant and not easily intimidated. It is imperative that you answer questions by speaking clearly, being polite and using “Yes, sir/ma’am” instead of saying “Yeah” or “No, sir/ma’am” instead of saying “Nope”.  When the interview is over, remember to thank the interviewers for their time and the interview.


No one can really predict the questions that will be asked of you during the police oral board interview, as several of the questions will be based on your background, but it is important that you practice interviewing with another individual that will ask you general interview questions. During your interview be sure to have a prompt arrival, dress professionally, listen carefully, breathe and speak clearly.

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