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Common Polygraph Questions Asked to Police Officers

September 5, 2012


The Royal Canadian Mountain Police, Canadian provincial police forces and police departments in the United States usually always require police candidates to take a polygraph test before the hiring decision will be made. Each police force department has their own questions and the type of questions usually depend on the examiner performing the polygraph test.

It is common that any time someone is being questioned, their anxiety level goes up, even if they have nothing to hide. The best way to reduce your anxiety level and keep your nerves under control during the polygraph questioning is to prepare for the questions before you go.

Commonly Used Polygraph Questions

  1. In the last five years, have you had any traffic citations?
  2. Have you ever had your driver’s license suspended or revoked for any reason?
  3. Since you have turned 18, have you been convicted of a crime?
  4. Have you ever taken part in a serious crime?
  5. In the last five years, have you used marijuana?
  6. In the last five years, have you used any illegal narcotics?
  7. In the last ten years, have you sold marijuana or any other illegal substances?
  8. Have you ever stolen anything from an employer?
  9. Have you ever been involuntarily terminated from a job?
  10. Have you ever made false statements on a job application?
  11. Are you making false statements during this polygraph examination?


If you have to think of the answer to any of the above questions, now is a good time to sit down and prepare your thoughts and answers. If you cannot remember if the last time you had a speeding ticket was five or six years ago, now is the time to find out. By knowing the answers to the above questions, you should be well prepared to take your polygraph test.

When you arrive to take your polygraph test, you will usually meet with the examiner prior to the exam starting for a short interview. At this time, the polygraph examiner will inform you of what questions will be asked during the test. If any of the questions that will be asked of you during the polygraph test makes you uncomfortable, this is your opportunity to talk them over with the examiner. If you are completely honest with yourself and the examiner during this interview, you should not have trouble passing the polygraph test.

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