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Back to College (Police College)

May 20, 2011

It would be wrong to think that once you have passed your exams and been accepted in to the Canadian Police that training has ended. For some that hate exams, I guess that would be a blessing. The ambitious amongst us want to keep on learning and progressing though. Some lucky souls even get to return to college.

The Canadian Police College has campuses in Ottawa and Chilliwack that provide specialized training courses and workshops for around 4,000 officers each year. These are not just Canadian officers but from other countries too. I hope I get to attend one such course very soon. I know a little about the training provided but I found some additional information in case you guys are interested.

The courses focus on multi-jurisdictional training to tackle the increased threat of national and transnational organized crime looking in particular at:

• Investigative techniques,
• Forensic identification,
• Explosives disposal/investigations,
• High-tech crime investigations,
• Leadership development for law enforcement executives,
• Professional development for Aboriginal policing.

It sounds fascinating. Apparently these programs complement whatever training is provided by federal, provincial, territorial and municipal police agencies. The world is always changing so we need to keep up. That’s why ongoing training is so important. I’m happy to go back to college, so long as I don’t get 50 laps of the school yard again. Oops that’s a story for another day!

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