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Police Series Blog #6 – Why Join the Police?

April 16, 2011

Sometimes you get asked a question and it takes a good few minutes to provide a decent answer. Something along the lines of “who is the best baseball player you have ever seen?” or “what is your favourite food?”

All subjective of course and tricky to answer because I have so many favourites.

However, a friend of mine asked me a couple of days ago why I liked working for the police. “Easy” I said and I ran through several reasons in no time at all. For me, working for the police is just the best job in the world. Ok it’s also the only job I know. I love it though and here’s why.

1. I like dealing with the public and knowing that I can help people.
2. My job gives me something different to do every day. I’m never bored.
3. I love the outdoor life but I also enjoy the camaraderie with my colleagues back in the office.
4. I like to think I am making people feel safe by presence alone. We are not there to intimidate though and hopefully offer reassurance to the public.
5. There’s a great thrill solving problems and dealing with problems. Whether it is a petty theft in the small confectionary store, a stolen vehicle or a road traffic accident, I like to feel I’ve done my job well and fairly.

I would recommend working for the police to anyone that’s interested. Ok the pay isn’t on a level with investment bankers, but it sure makes me feel good about what I do to earn a living.

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