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Heads Up for Mountie Cadets

April 2, 2011

When you think about what profession you want to pursue you should be thinking long term. This is not a decision to take lightly. That’s what my Dad told me at any rate. The thing is though I had the idea I wanted to join the police when I was 15. From the moment I realised this, I worked hard on my exams at school, took first aid classes and went to the gym.

This was with the knowledge that policing was my destiny.

Ok so I asked questions before I applied and talked to people already in the service. Good job too because knowing what you are letting yourself in for is very important. For example to join the Mounties you need to be able to type. Well who would have guessed it, but then I guess we all use a keyboard these days. Reports need to be written and you can’t use one finger typing to do those.

It helped me a great deal knowing beforehand that I would have to stump up money to cover some of the costs during training. Fortunately the Royal Canadian Police will cover the costs of travel to the training academy as well as the uniforms and lodging.

We all have to eat though and there are other costs as well. My advice to anyone applying for the police is do it, but be well prepared. I’m sure glad I got some advice and went to a career presentation beforehand.

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