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Police Blog Series #5 – Taking the Fitness Test

March 26, 2011

I was talking recently about how physical exercise is great for the brain. It is true that walking and running can stimulate the circulation of blood to the brain. Funnily I saw someone talking about this again on the TV in a discussion about Alzheimer’s disease.

Anyways it reminded me of the time I took the fitness exam when I applied to join the police some time ago. Wow that was tough but very rewarding.

Basically you have to be fit to take the test. Well what else would you expect if you are hoping to join the police?

I took the Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police or PREP, which consisted of a pursuit/restraint circuit and an aerobic shuttle run. Fortunately I knew someone who had done the test in Toronto a year earlier and was able to prepare myself accordingly.

I knew I had to strengthen muscles in the back, upper arms and shoulders. Whilst I played some soccer quite regularly I worked on strengthening my legs too, which is important when pursuing criminals over difficult terrain.

The months I spent in the gym paid off. In fact I even enjoyed myself and keep the routines going, even though I am through the exams and now a fully paid police officer.

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