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Student blog Series #4 – Jogging the Memory

March 19, 2011

I was looking out of the window this morning and saw the rain pounding down. The temperature has dropped too and quite honestly I felt like going back to bed. An inner voice kept telling me to get my jogging shoes and keep that New Year’s resolution going.

Yes as usual I had eaten too much over the holiday season last year. Perhaps rashly I decided to run each day between shifts. In fact I had gotten into some good habits but this bad weather just didn’t make me too enthusiastic today.

I got my shoes and off I went. The rain stopped after a mile or so and at the end of it I felt a great sense of personal satisfaction, albeit I was wet and exhausted. What keeps me going is a piece I read on the internet a couple of years back about keeping the brain active. Exercise improves the memory.

Apparently even walking is good as this increases blood circulation and the oxygen and glucose that reach your brain.

This was a great help to me when I took my police exams. Not only was I physically fit, but mentally I was too. I keep exercising because I need to be fit in my job but I think everyone should keep fit. Well everyone except the criminals I need to catch!

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