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WCT – A Test of Credentials

February 26, 2011

Looking for a new career or just starting out after finishing school or university?

Perhaps you might like to think about giving policing a shot. Police work is tough but very rewarding and as you would expect with any reputable organization, recruits are required to take a series of exams.

One of these is the Written Communications Test (WCT).

This test is designed to look at your ability to arrange information in a clear, concise and coherent manner. As an applicant you will be tested o your ability to draw conclusions from a set of facts presented to you.

For example you will be given a scenario where the facts are detailed in a non chronological order.

The test will show examiners whether you have the skill and know how to piece together all the information and make sense of it. Can you make sound judgements based on the facts? In addition to this the test will show how good your handwriting, spelling and grammar is. There’s no spell check in a paper and pencil test folks!

When you take the WCT you will get an hour to complete it, which adds to the pressure. Policing involves a lot of pressure and decision making in short time frames so it is a good test for candidates to take. If you stay cool and focused there is no reason why you can’t pass with flying colors.

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