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Attributes Needed to Train as a Mountie

February 19, 2011

Mounties are known all around the world and are perhaps one of the most iconic symbols of Canada. The glamour associated with the Royal Mounted Police shouldn’t cloud the fact that there are some important prerequisites to joining this illustrious band of law enforcers. So what do you need to have before you apply to join the Mounties?

1.All Mounties must be a Canadian citizen. This doesn’t mean all applicants will have been born in Canada, but citizenship documents have to be completed successfully prior to application.
2.Applicants must be 18 years old and 19 when they are hired.
3.Applicants must demonstrate a number of important traits including honesty, respect, compassion, accountability and integrity.
4.All Mounties must speak either English or French. The ability to speak both is an advantage and any other languages would help even more.
5.A secondary or high school diploma is required. However, it is possible to apply without these qualifications, but it will mean taking an assessment on an equivalent level.
6.Applicants must be physically fit and will be assessed. Physical, dental, hearing, eyesight, psychological and laboratory examinations will have to be taken. Subsequent training will hone the condition of recruits and are not designed to get them fit.

Anyone with these attributes should apply. Being a Mountie is a fantastic career. The exams you have to take should be straight forward so long as you apply yourself properly.

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