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Police Blog Series #2 – The Chase

March 11, 2010

My partner and I were on our way to grab a coffee as we prepared for our night shift.  I’ve never been a coffee drinker, but it helps give me that extra boost of energy for what lies ahead.  Just as we leave the coffee shop, a radio call comes in for an officer in need of assistance.  His voice sounds rushed, and he is breathing heavily over the radio.  A feeling of excitement flows through my entire body as the adrenaline begins to pump.  We rush to the car and before you know it I am driving, lights and sirens, to that officer’s location.  Traffic begins to part as they make way for our cruiser…but there always seems to be that one car that doesn’t notice the speeding and flashing Christmas tree behind it.

We get an update; the officer is in a foot chase with a suspect who fled after being stopped for speeding. There is more to this situation, I know it. As we approached the scene, we see the officer in the distance keeping pace with the male suspect.  My partner is familiar with the area, so she directs me through an alleyway and then through a private drive.  Somehow we end up approximately 100 meters in front of the chase; my partner quickly jumps out and is able to confront the suspect.  The other officer relays to us that the suspect has warrant for arrest.  The suspect appears out of breath and ready to give up.   As we approach him, he tries to make a run for it.  This time he is quickly taken down by the three of us and subdued as we apply the techniques we’ve practiced a dozen times before in Police College.

By this time, several more officers arrive on scene.  As I gaze back at my colleagues, its looks like an ocean of red and blue.  There is something about seeing that wave of men and women in blue that gives me a sense of security.   They are here for me, the feeling of brotherhood and sisterhood.  I love it.

We bring the suspect in, and numerous charges are laid.  Job well done, now where did I put that coffee?

Officer Sterling

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