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Entire Police Force Quits After Winning Lottery

October 26, 2009

Here is a police news story that is on the lighter side. An entire police force in Budaors, Hungary consisting of 15 officers have decided to resign from their position after winning over £10 million (equivalent to over CAD $16 million) in the lottery. The police force in Budaors is put in a desperate situation to assemble temporary replacements until more full-time police officers can be recruited.

Although this news story may seem quite entertaining, but what would you do if you were put in the situation as a police officer with a winning lottery ticket? If you know that you are financially stable, would you still be willing to risk your own life to serve and protect the city? It may be hard to imagine because people tend to do strange things when they win the lottery. We cannot judge the intentions of others, but it is always a good thing to reflect on the core values of your belief and to understand the true intentions of your own actions.

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