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Discipline is not Developed Overnight

September 18, 2009

Many students may spend their college or university years partying until late-nights in order to have their last bit of fun before they finally graduate and shift to the tedious and boring work lifestyle. This is not the right attitude that will get you top grades in school.

A wise professor once told me that it is not hard to achieve an ‘A’ in his course as long as you have the right attitude. The key is to treat your studies just as seriously as a regular job. The 9-to-5 employees work a standard 8 hours every weekday, so if you are able to spend the same amount of time each day with your studies, then your time and effort will surely be reflected in your grade. If you are still a student, then it’s time to start practicing discipline. You may be able to skip a class in college without getting into trouble, but this kind of behaviour would never be tolerated in the workforce. Discipline affects your ability to rightfully analyze a situation, which is extremely important for police officers. Discipline does not develop overnight, and it is better to start developing it sooner than later.

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