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Police Ready Challenge

June 22, 2009

Are you ready for a challenge? We will be posting a Police Ready challenge on our blog each week to see if you really are Police Ready.

Each challenge will consist of a brief description of a crime scenario. The purpose of the challenge is to put you into the role of a police officer at a crime scene and to test your decision making skills as you decide how you should handle each situation. Several options (typically three) will be provided for each challenge to choose from, and the options will generally represent a bad option, a good option, and a best option. Each option will also include an explanation to explain why each option are considered as a bad, good, or best option.

The structure of this Police Ready challenge is to replicate a real-life scenario that a police officer may experience during his/her career, and the different choices of options indicate how a police officer can react to a scenario in many different ways, but each action can lead to a different reaction. You may think you responded to a crime scenario in a good way, but that does not necessarily mean your action was the BEST available option in that given scenario.

Let the challenge begin! Visit our Police Challenge #1 to attempt our first challenge:

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