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Physical Fitness for Life

May 18, 2009

Okay, we’re not talking about staying fit just for the duration of your initial police training, we’re talking about staying fit over the course of your total police career. While that may sound like a major pain in the – uhm – pain in the posterior, we can’t emphasize enough how important the role of fitness is for a police recruit who wants to be on the job for a lot of years.

Fitness of course is mandatory to get into the police course in Ontario in the first place, but what about what happens when you graduate? You have to be thinking ahead and set goals for yourself to stay in the fitness zone, not just because your body needs to be up to the demands of policing, but because your mind needs to be kept active as well.

Endorphins are the key to an alert and sharp mind, something cops need on the job. Keeping in shape releases all kinds of endorphins that stimulate the brain, increase blood flow and oxygen levels. While that Big Mac might look might tempting during your shift meal break, it’s far better not to wear it later around your waist. This isn’t to say you can’t indulge now and then and still keep fit.

The important part of being a cop, besides your attitude, how you present yourself, how you think, how you act and how you deal with people, is being in shape to do all those things in the first place. The minute you add a few spare tires is the minute those spare tires slow you down while giving chase – and that is potentially dangerous.

Always be thinking, always be sharp, always be fit and always keep studying to better your chosen career. To get a good start on your road to that police career you have always wanted, join Police Ready and lay a good foundation for later.

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