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Defining a Good Cop Series

February 23, 2009

Police Ready has started a new blog series called “Defining a Good Cop“. The purpose of this series is to take an in-depth look at many different traits and identify whether these traits are positive or negative with regards to becoming a good police officer.

How do you even define a “good trait” for a police officer? How would these traits affect a police officer’s career and their daily duties? How do we develop these positive traits and how to we avoid these negative traits?

There is no doubt that many people have different perceptions of police officers. Their perceptions may be partially or entirely formed according to Hollywood movies, media news, personal experiences and their relationships with friends or family members who are police officers. The main point is that we all have a slightly different definition of what traits constitute as a good police officer, which makes it ever so important to have these positive traits defined when aspiring to become a good police officer.

The topic of “Defining a Good Cop” will be an interesting topic to discuss. We will start off this series with our first blog article which also has the same title as the series – Defining a Good Cop blog article.

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