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Move Over Goofy

February 6, 2009

It is very important how you handle your verbal answers on the B-PAD exam. You will be speaking out loud and your responses recorded with a camera and they are merciless in showing everything you say and do on tape. Think about that for a minute.

The cameras see and hear everything during your response to the B-PAD simulations. Did we mention the cameras see and hear everything? Ok, here is the point. If you sound like Donald Duck or spend too much time hemming and hawing and stumbling about using uhmm and uh a lot, you are not going to get a very good B-PAD score.

Now this isn’t meant to scare you or intimidate you because you have the control here and can do something about the way you sound and how you answer questions. It’s as simple as taping yourself and LISTENING honestly to the replies and watching how you handle yourself. Lots of people really hate how they sound on tape, and that’s the whole point of this exercise, to improve how you sound and handle yourself.

A lot of police recruits think they don’t need to use a tape recorder to practice with, we beg to differ. Using the tape recorder will let you hear first hand how you sound answering questions. Once you know how you sound, and if it’s like Donald Duck or Goofy, head for a voice coach or someone else who has the training to teach you to speak properly, clearly and slowly.

The whole point of the B-PAD, besides giving you the chance to respond to simulated situations that happen in every day police life, is to showcase your skills and abilities. Your skill and ability to speak well and articulately will carry the day to a good score. Enough said.

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