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Policing is More Than Just a Career

February 4, 2009

You may already know this, but policing is more than just a career, it is a distinct lifestyle and the people who choose it are dedicated and work hard at protecting others. Does this sound like something you want to do for the rest of your life? Do you know the reasons why you want to become a police officer? If you don’t really have a good grasp on why you want to become a cop, best think twice.

Being a cop is not the kind of lifestyle that suits everyone. You have to have a certain bent to want to be out there chasing the bad guys and making a difference in people’s lives by trying to keep the lid on crime. You need to be aware that it is hard work, involves long hours, dreaded paperwork and reports, and moments of pure hysteria when you run across a situation that is just too far off the wall to take seriously.

Being a cop is not about just looking good in a uniform, it is about representing the uniform and all that it stands for. There is a reason why many police services have the word integrity in their mottos. There is also a reason why many of the forces have the words “Protect and Serve” stenciled on the sides of their cruisers. This isn’t just about image. This is about a serious life style choice by you, the potential police recruit, to protect the people in your community.

Being a cop isn’t just a career. It’s about the people you were sworn to protect. You need to want to be where you are in the worst way. But remember this, just because you want to be a cop does not mean you are ready to become one. Those are two totally different things.

Find out whether or not you want to be a cop for the right reasons and if you have the skills to be one and are ready to take the Ontario entrance exam by checking out our FREE police practice tests. We also have a Police Prep 101 section which includes a quick assessment for you to see if policing is really something suitable for you. While you’re there, snoop around a bit and get a good idea of what being police ready means.

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