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Integrity: The Value of an Officer

January 22, 2009

Integrity ranks as the most important quality of an officer. The community puts an incredible amount of value to your word. However, the community you serve expects complete honesty from you. Judges and lawyers expect honesty from police officers. Your word as a police officer is your bond and you must ensure you do everything you can to keep its integrity. You should never lie as a police officer. Keep your credibility.

As a police officer, you are given a position with an enormous breadth of power. No other government agency is given the power that police are. Because of this, the community expects the most from you. Therefore, you should expect that the community you serve will hold you at a higher standard to tell the truth. And if you don’t, the negative view people will have of you will be amplified. No one likes a liar. Especially if it is a police officer.

Always be honest and truthful.

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