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Why Are We Charging US Currency?

January 21, 2009

Many of you have been asking us a very important question – why is Police Ready charging US dollars when its current police training services only apply to the Ontario law enforcement? Here is our honest answer to your honest question.

A majority of our expenses including development and maintenance fees are dealt in US currency. We are aware of the currency issue as addressed by many of our visitors, but the Police Ready team believes that development is our highest priority at this moment. We believe that if our customers are really keen on becoming police officers, then they should be willing to oversee a small currency exchange fee in exchange for service that is continually being improved and updated. You will see many significant additions and improvements within the next few months including a few surprises as well.

To further address the currency issue, it is by no means our intention to place any additional financial burden on our customers. We do not believe in hidden fees, and we never will. So in order to offset the additional currency exchange fee our customers may have to pay, we have been keen on using discounted promo codes as a part of our promotional strategy.

We hope to offer the option of purchasing our service using Canadian currency in the near future. There is no set date at this moment as to when that will happen, but when it does happen, we will be sure to adjust the price to approximate the Canadian equivalent.

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