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Training hard as a Police Officer

January 21, 2009

I attended a martial arts class today, where we focused on grappling techniques.  And oh man..what a workout!

It reminded me of my “recruit” days at the police college, where we learned that as a police officer, losing is not an option.  There is no second place, or second chance for that matter, in the police profession.  I have found that whether you are dealing with an intoxicated, and usually arrogant, individual or consoling a heartbroken victim, people in general can sense your level of confidence, which is largely determined by your physical presence.  Now I don’t mean you have to be 6’5” and 250lb of raw muscle, but as long as you are confident in your abilities, those around you will follow suit.  I train hard in order to succeed, and I would expect nothing less from any police officers or any individuals looking to become police officers.  Remember, never give up and always strive for your best.

Officer Ben

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