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Top Three Traits of a Police Officer

January 21, 2009

Becoming a Police Officer is a very difficult thing to do. It requires both mental and physical preparation and dedication. However, regardless how much preparation goes into becoming a Police Officer, the traits of an Officer make a big difference in the way he or she integrates into the community.

The most important trait as a Police Officer is integrity. As a Police Officer your duty is to protect your community. This means respecting the people you protect, treating them in a fair and just way, and being consistent with your values and norms. If a Police Officer loses his/her integrity he/she creates an environment where they loose respect and appreciation from the public.

Another trait that is important is humility. As a Police Officer you most respect others and understand that we are all humans. Your duty is not to make yourself seem more important or better then the people you interact with. This is one of the ways you can earn respect in your community.
Courage is also an important trait of a Police Officer. As a Police Officer, your duty is to serve the community. This responsibility will require you to make many difficult decisions and face many challenges. Your courage will be called and revealed during these times. Do not forget that your duty is to minimize danger for yourself and protect the community.

-Officer Ben

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