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How Can Police Ready Offer Lower Pricing?

December 19, 2008

One of Police Ready’s unique selling points is its affordable pricing. In fact, it’s the most affordable Ontario police training system. Don’t believe us? Go ahead and do a price comparison to find out for yourself.

We want our customers to be smart consumers. Do your research and pay the right price for the right product that you deserve. Not only is Police Ready the most affordable police training system in the market, but it is also among the few police exam prep services that allow users to test out the training system before making a purchase. Essentially, we want our customers to “try it then buy it” rather than “buy it then try it”.

Police Ready is able to offer a lower pricing compared to other police exam prep providers because we do not believe in heavy marketing expenditures. Of course marketing is important for any business to get their message across to customers, but spending a lot of money on marketing is only great if it can produce enough sales. But when that doesn’t happen, the marketing cost is passed onto the customers through higher pricing due to an ineffective marketing strategy carried out by the company. In partnership with Linx Media, an Internet marketing firm; Police Ready is able to benefit from many viral marketing tactics that are either free or inexpensive. Feel free to visit our Facebook Group and our YouTube Channel.

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