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Why Police Ready?

December 8, 2008

Before we built the Police Ready training system, we had to ask ourselves whether people would actually use our service. There is no point in building a training system that no one will use. With that in mind, we asked the opinions of several experienced policeman and conducted some additional research, and the results were astonishing.

A lot of people are actually taking the police examination without any sort of preparation. They have no idea what to expect, and often times, they make critical mistakes during the examination that they are not even aware of. Prior to the exam, some individuals would ask for advice from their fellow police foundation colleges and/or their network of police officers, but that is still not nearly enough preparation to acquire a good passing grade.

The entire police examination is broken down into several different components for a reason. If you decide to blindly enter the examination, you may pass one or two components at best, but you will not become a police officer unless you pass all the necessary components. That is why we believe a police training system like Police Ready is crucial in preparing for your police examination and to advance your future career as a police officer.

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